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"We’ve Got BIG Plans For You At This Year’s SUMMIT !”  
Join Dan John, Perry Nickelston, and hundreds of amazing ‘Everyday Athletes’ at this year’s STRENGTH MATTERS LIVE!
May 11th-13th, 2018
San Diego, California
What’s In Store For You At This Year’s
Strength Matters LIVE?

From: James Breese

London, UK.
Dear Everyday Athlete,

Every year, hundreds of the world's smartest health & fitness professionals descend on San Diego, California to learn what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working RIGHT NOW in health & fitness.

This 3-day event is designed to help you expand your knowledge in training everyday athletes and introduce you to the Strength Matters Training Philosophy. 

I want to share with you the transformation that we’ll create together for your health & fitness business.

There is one unifying goal that ALL of our everyday athletes and fitness professionals who attend have:  

To Take Your Training Knowledge To The
'Next Level'
Here Are Just Some Of Our Confirmed Expert Speakers In 2018...

Dan John

Dan John has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record.

Sue Falsone

Sue worked at Athletes’ Performance for 13 years, last serving as the Vice President of Performance Physical Therapy and Team Sport. She worked with the Los Angeles Dodgers for 6 years, last serving as the head athletic trainer and physical therapist. She holds the distinction of being the first female head athletic trainer in any of the four major sports in the United States (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA).

John Wolf

Before becoming the Director of Fitness Education for the Onnit Academy, John spent several years as the US Director of Operations and sat on the board of the International Education Committee for another well-known unconventional fitness organization. Along with this experience, he brings a high level of enthusiasm and passion for the mission of Onnit and the Onnit Academy.

Phil McDougall

Director of Athletic Performance for Strength Matters. Former Royal Marines Commando, remedial therapist, and trainer with a new mission: help normal people throughout the global community improve their everyday athleticism. Welsh San Diegan. Lover of adventure, kettlebells, French bulldogs, and wife.

Perry Nickelston

Dr. Perry is an expert in movement assessment and diagnosis. He uses programs designed to find your source of painful dysfunction and correct it until the site of pain improves. A regular columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic, Practice Insights, Chiropractic Economics, To Your Health Magazine, Advance Physical Therapy, PT on the Net, LiveStrong, Strength Matters, and other industry publications for health and fitness.

Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter draws from an extensive and diverse background as a champion athlete and cutting-edge trainer to develop some of the most complete and exciting programs in strength and conditioning today. Named to Men’s Health Magazine’s “100 Fittest Men of All-Time”, Cotter shares his years of experience as a martial artist, world-class athlete, and fitness coach to design and supervise programs for those who take their training seriously.

Kate Solovieva

Blogger, extreme endurance and obstacle racer, traveller and health coach. She was born in Siberia, Russia, and immigrated to Canada as a teenager. Fascinated by all things human behavior, she earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology. 

Matt Berenc

Matt Berenc is the Director of Education for the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI), Equinox’s in-house education department. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Missouri and dove head first into a career as a personal trainer and strength coach.
"Breaking News: Bonus Day Line Up Announced... (Limited Availability)
This year we're bringing together for the first time sue falsone and Perry Nickelston to deliver a world exclusive joint workshop in everyday athlete health & sports performance from 8 am to 5 pm...
Bonus Day EXTRA: An Evening With Dan John - 7pm/9pm.
We've Made some exciting changes to this year's Strength Matters Summit LIVE event. None more so than our exclusive friday night bonus evening with dan john - tales of a strength coach. 

Join dan and the rest of the strength matters community as he shares tales from over 38 years of training in a comfortable setting that can include a beer, wine or other tipple of choice... this is one not to be missed.
Full Agenda Coming Soon...
"Where Lifetime Friendships Are Forged... 
"The Best Health & Fitness Event You've Never Heard Of..."
Say's Everyone Who Attends...EVER!
The Venue
Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island
1960 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

A unique Harbor Island, San Diego waterfront hotel
Boasting scenic views of the marina and downtown San Diego skyline, the Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island is situated on beautiful San Diego Bay with ideal proximity to the city's most popular attractions. Enjoy the comfort of our modern guest rooms and the convenience of outstanding facilities and service, whether you're here for business, an overnight trip or exciting getaway.

Just $1495 $349!
**Limited Time Offer - Buy One Get One FREE**
Simply Purchase Your Ticket Today & You Can Bring A Friend, Who's Never Been For FREE! 
Strength Matters Summit FAQ
What are the dates of the "Strength Matters Summit LIVE 2018"?
Registration starts on May 10th, and the event is happening May 11th - May 13th In San Diego, California.
What is the venue for the event?
The event will be hosted at the Hilton, San Diego Airport. You can book your hotel room here >>

To secure your room, you can also call the hotel directly - that number is (800) 445-8667. Please reference the group Strength Matters 2018 (Code: RSM18) at the corresponding group rate ($129). We recommend booking your flight to arrive at least the day or evening prior so you can register and be well rested and ready for the event.
I'm trying to book my travel. What times do I need to know about?
Event registration will start at 7:00 am - 9:00 am on Friday, May 11th and the event will conclude around 6pm on Sunday May 13th.  

Fly into San Diego International airport.
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, if you are (or want to be) a successful everyday athlete, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a pass to get into the event.  
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for the event, you will need to notify our office 60 days before the event so we can resell it to someone on the waiting list. 

Just $1495 $349!
**Limited Time Offer - Buy One Get One FREE**
Simply Purchase Your Ticket Today & You Can Bring A Friend, Who's Never Been For FREE!